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A Dream is a Dream...

A goal is a Dream with a Plan and a Schedule 

Registration FYI

PMO International has been reviewed and approved

as a Global Education Provider
of Project Management Training by the
Project Management Institute (PMI

REGISTRATION:  You must FIRST confirm your decision to  take the class by email.

  You will be put on the list for a class in the order your email was received. When an open seat is available in the class of you requested you will receive your class date confirmation         email from PMO International. You must return the email confirming your date within 10 business days from receipt. Your payment must be made within 5 business days of your email confirmation this guarantees your seat in the class. The only way to positively reserve your seat in a class on a specific         date is by making full payment.

You may cancel your         registration any time before 15 calendar days,  which includes the day of registration confirmation to the class date, with a full refund, less than 15  days before the class date, and you wish to cancel there is a $500 cancellation fee, less than 10 business days before the class date, which includes the day of registration confirmation to the class date, the         fee is non-refundable. You may choose to take advantage  of the class change policy below.

  You may request to reschedule the date         of your class free of charge, up to 2 times as long as you do  so more than 15 calendar days prior to your scheduled class         date. PMO will work with you to honor all change requests if  there is classroom space available. If you need to reschedule less than 10 business days before the class date, which includes the day of registration confirmation to the class date, the         fee is non-refundable.

For all class date changes please contact the PMO office         at   (908) 359-2686  .

NO SHOW AT CLASS TIME:  When your registration is  completed and paid in full, PMO will reserve a seat for you in that class.         Any rescheduling must be done in advance per the PMO written  policy (see above CHANGES TO CLASS DATE). In the event         that you do not show up for your scheduled class and you did  not reschedule with the PMO office by the previous         business day, you will be charged $500 to transfer your  registration to another class. You may not enter the class if you         have missed more than 7 hours of class and you must consult  with the instructor. Arrangements must be made with         the instructor regarding any and all missing class time.   Missing class time can also be proper cause for the instructor         to void any guarantee(s) regarding training for the PMP exam.

  PMO will work with you to handle any last minute requests for late registration if         there is classroom space available.

STUDENT CONDUCT:  PMO reserves the right for the class Instructor to use his/her own         good and reasonable judgment as to the reasonable termination  of a student’s right to remain in the class         and in attendance of their classes due specifically to a  students unacceptable conduct in the class. In the event that         this occurs, the ejected student will not be eligible for a  refund of the course fee(s).

The PMO International Chief Project Officer has         the right to make a final decision.